12 Films I Want To See in 2012

The Avengers

Today is Groundhog Day — which always makes me think of the hilarious Bill Murray movie Groundhog Day, so it’s a great time to take a look at 12 films I am looking forward to seeing in 2012…

Every movie fan goes into a new year hoping for the best; desperately clinging to the belief that this year is gonna be great. 2012 boasts a plethora of high-profile and big-budget SF/fantasy films slated for release. The amount of attention being focused on genre flicks this year is great news in one sense, but also a source of consternation, because I fear that if enough of these movies flop — or get tagged by so-called box-office experts as flops — it could do irreparable harm to SF/F movies for years to come. In other words, will this be the year that comic book, SF and fantasy films burn out?
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