The CW served up a couple of new episodes of NIKITA and SUPERNATURAL tonight, and watching them reminded me of what I’ve been missing: action drama and a big dose of fun. NIKITA showed more originality with its story, but nothing beats the chemistry of the Winchester boys – even when they’re separated by 68 years.

The big development on NIKITA is that Oversight was about to kill everyone in Division with a secret failsafe protocol using VX gas to murder everyone. But Nikita (Maggie Q), Michael (Shane West) and Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) managed to turn Sean (Dillon Casey), who told them about the gas. But before they do anything about it, Percy (Xander Berkley) put a plan of his own into motion to have the Guardians take out Oversight – just as Amanda (Melinda Clarke) was about to drug Percy into a permanent coma.

I thought the climax of the episode, with Percy suddenly holding all the cards, was surprisingly tension-filled. Sure, Nikita and Michael were kinda marginalized, but the part I couldn’t understand was just how easily Sean was turned. He’s supposed to be some military hardcase, but all Nikita and Alex had to so was suggest that his mother might be in danger, and the guy folded in a snap. Wow, I thought those guys were trained better than that!

As far as the standoff goes, I figure Amanda has to back off, and if Percy really is the badass he seems to be, he’ll execute Oversight, except for the Admiral (played by Harris Yulin, the biggest name) and Madeline (Alberta Watson), a legacy character from LA FEMME NIKITA.

There was a sort of legacy theme to SUPERNATURAL tonight, as well, when it served up a story called “Time After Time” that was pretty much a run-of-the-mill time travel story that story Dean (Jensen Ackles) dragged to 1944 by the Monster of the Week, Chronus the God of Time (Jason Dohring). While there/then, Dean ran into the obligatory historical figure, in this case legendary G-man Eliot Ness (played by the utility infielder of genre TV, Nicolas Lea), who not only believed in the sort of ghosts, demons and ‘shifters that Dean hunts, he was only tracking this Chronus fellow for leaving a trail of mummified bodies around town. So while Dean formed a new Untouchables, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Sheriff Jody Mills (Kim Rhodes) worked to get Dean back to the present.

Yeah, not much was original about the plot, but the execution was a lot of fun. Sure, Ness was a bit too accepting of strange phenomena, but it saved storytelling time to just get him onboard quickly. The expected jokes about slang and strange clothing were good enough, although considering how much Dean enjoyed his 1940s threads, I wonder if he will now take to wearing tailored three-piece suits? Points to Dean for figuring out a way to get the crucial message to Sam in the present.

And, as far as the present, the real surprise to me was the chemistry between Sam and Jody. She really took to helping Sam with the lore research and proved to be a staunch ally. Could the show be looking to ease her into the role previously occupied by the late Bobby? I wouldn’t mind seeing that. The bit where she threatened to use her “Mom voice” on Sam made think it could work.

And this whole episode worked for me because, damn it, I just like time travel stories. And period gangster stories.

Oh, yeah? Sez you!

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