Cee Lo Still Doesn’t Get It

Why did Cee Lo Green think it was necessary to spit in John Lennon’s face and then rub salt in the wounds of his fans?

For a guy who’s supposed to be some kind of modern musical guru, Cee Lo just doesn’t get it, does he? It was bad enough that he decided to change the lyrics of Lennon’s classic song “Imagine,” but then he had to try to make people believe it was an innocent attempt to amplify Lennon’s song? This guy thinks he’s qualified to rewrite Lennon?

In case you missed the firestorm, Cee Lo was performing on NBC’s New Year’s Eve program from Times Square where, he debuted his rewritten version of the song “Imagine.” Instead of crooning “Nothing to kill or die for/ and no religion too,” he altered the line to “Nothing to kill or die for/ and all religion’s true.”
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