2012: New Year’s Fight Club Redux

Tyler Durden

Well, here we go again; yet another new year. I wrote a post about resolutions around this time last year , and I have never looked back at the 2011 version of New Year’s Fight Club (before now). After reviewing it, I can tell you that I didn’t manage to fulfill any resolutions, and 2011 barely qualified as microscopically better than 2010 — but I still would not hesitate to call 2011 another in a long line of disasters.

Last year’s plan was to make secret resolutions and acknowledge their existence, but not talk about them, a la the rules of Fight Club. Well, suffice it to saw, none of my 2011 resolutions were kept all year long or came to fruition. So what about this year? I’m almost tempted to go back to the ol’ “Make 2012 better than last year, no matter how” resolution, but I am tempted to just say, “I hope this year is not the worst ever.” Almost.

Yes, I am only tempted. I’m not going to actually tell you what I decide this year, because, you know, it’s the rules. Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt) would not approve. The rules for New Year’s Resolutions are as follows:
1. The first rule of New Year’s Resolutions is: You do not talk about New Year’s resolutions.
2. The second rule of New Year’s Resolutions is: You DO NOT talk about New Year’s Resolutions!
3. The third rule of New Year’s Resolutions: Something happens to make you yell, “Stop!” go limp or tap out, the resolution is over.

Good luck with 2012 — we’re all going to need it…