Wow, talk about a letdown! For the first time in literally years, I felt compelled to watch every single episode of SURVIVOR: SOUTH PACIFIC this season, because it was filled with “what will happen?” tension and some intriguing character conflict. But then came the finale, featuring the absolute worst, most undeserving final trio ever, and the whole series went south for me.
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Bill Pullman’s No-Miracle Day

I don’t want to bore people by going off on another awards-season rant here, but today I am gritting my teeth with rage over the Hollywood Foreign Press Association‘s announcement of its Golden Globe nominations — specifically, the failure to acknowledge the splendid job Bill Pullman did playing Oswald Danes in the Starz miniseries TORCHWOOD: MIRACLE DAY. When I was watching the 10-part British/American co-production this summer, I was certain that Pullman would vacuum up all the awards for his shattering work. But I was wrong, and I’m pretty upset about it.
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SAG Snubbed Albert Brooks

The 18th Annual SAG Award nominations were released this morning, accompanied by the usual bitching and moaning over who was or wasn’t on the list. Nominations by committee are bound to come up with some head-scratchers, and there’s nothing we fans can do but complain and question the mental capacity of the voters.

However, one oversight — one travesty, really — cannot be allowed to quietly slip by: Why wasn’t Albert Brooks nominated as outstanding supporting actor in Drive, director Nicolas Winding Refn’s revisionist noir thriller. It’s unthinkable! And while that ship has sailed, allow me to make the case for Mr. Brooks deserving an Academy Award nomination. (The Golden Globe nods come out tomorrow, so it’s too late to change any minds there…)

In my opinion, Brooks turned in the best supporting performance in a motion picture since Martin Landau’s Oscar- and Golden Globe-winning take on Bela Lugosi in Tim Burton’s masterful Ed Wood back in 1994. And that’s saying something. Brooks was an effective bad guy by underplaying, rather than chewing the scenery.
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New DOCTOR WHO — and two rediscovered “lost” stories

The BBC have released a trailer for the forthcoming DOCTOR WHO Christmas special, this one called “The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe,” which will air on Christmas Day in the U.K. and here in the USA on BBC America at 9 p.m.

The story looks like a lot of fun, with a snowy adventure in a strange, Narnia-like land that is somehow accessed through the TARDIS. We don’t have much to go on, by Matt Smith has repeatedly demonstrated that his 11th Doctor has a real rapport with children, so I have high hopes.
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A Tale of Two Teasers

Let’s take a look at the teaser posters for two highly anticipated superhero movies opening this summer: The Dark Knight Rises and The Amazing Spider-Man.

In my opinion, both of these posters look great, and should accomplish the goal of getting fans psyched to see their favorites back on the big screen. One film purports to tell a story about the end of an icon, while the other promises to reveal the secrets of the beginning of a different legend. One is an original story, while the other is a remake. I am suddenly looking forward to seeing one, and gradually recoiling from the prospect of seeing the other. Which movie is which?
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Tim Tebow: Falling Toward Apotheosis

As the NFL season winds down, folks are going downright crazy over Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow, anointing him the new Chosen One, the new god of QBs. The problem is, I honestly cannot see what all the fuss is about. Sure, he’s pulled off some wins, but Tebow is actually the Twilight of quarterbacks — he inspires a delirious, inexplicable adoration that is completely out of proportion to the intrinsic quality of his play.

The refrain for Tebow’s vocal chorus of supporters goes something like this: “He has 5 comeback wins this season.” “All he does is win.” I will stipulate the 5 wins part, but take strong issue with the “all he does is win” bit. I would amend that to “All he does is play (sorta) for a team that wins.” And to say that Tebow “does just enough to win” is probably being generous. The man has skills — there’s no denying that — but he’s no supernatural phenomenon.
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“The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe” Prequel

As if it weren’t already torture waiting for this year’s DOCTOR WHO Christmas Special, “The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe,” the BBC has released an official prequel starring the 11th Doctor, Matt Smith, and it is pretty terrific!
In just over a minute and a half, producer Steven Moffat manages to really hook the viewer with suspense, mystery and emotion. This is not just a clip or a teaser, it’s the actual prequel.

Smith’s second Xmas special as the 11th Doctor airs on Dec. 25 (natch). Have a look at the prequel now:

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WAREHOUSE 13 3.13: “The Greatest Gift”

Christmas specials are usually about two things: family, and the “magic” of the holiday. And there’s usually one other element crammed in: an old fat guy with a white beard who may or may not be Santa Claus — but who invariably turns out to be the real Santa, after all. (He even mentioned that bike you wanted as a child!)

The great thing about the WAREHOUSE 13 Christmas episode is that it wasn’t really about Christmas — it was the relationship between the characters we have come to know so well, and reveals that Pete is pretty much the lynchpin that holds the gang together. And, yes, they are a “family” of sorts. Oh, and there was no pseudo Santa — despite being one of the few shows on which such a character would actually work!
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EUREKA 4.21: “Do You See What I See”

They say there are only two certainties in life: death and taxes. But there is a third — every episode of EUREKA will about some crazy invention/science experiment going out of control and wreaking wacky havoc that can only be fixed by technobabble and Sheriff Jack Carter’s down-to-Earth common sense. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, since the show usually pretty entertaining, but I’m just saying — it’s a pretty rigid template.

That formula is no different around the holidays. Since the motto of Eureka township must be “Better Living Through Science (or, at least, that what we intend),” Carter (Colin Ferguson) concocts a plan to turn the town into a winter wonderland using a super proton generator to manufacture snow. Of course, things don’t go exactly as planned.
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The Agony of the Giants Falling Short…

The are more successful football franchises, and many that are far worse, but there is no sports team that is harder to love than the New York Football Giants — because they make it so damn hard on us fans that it gives new meaning to “tough love.”

Yes, the Giants are among the “elite” squads of the NFL — those that have won three or more Super Bowls — but was there ever a team that had a tougher time earning that rank? Or a team whose bandwagon dragged more fans behind it like Indiana Jones trying to board that German truck in Raiders of the Lost Ark? It’s rough trying to ride the NYG bandwagon, because the team always seems to be determined to pitch its followers off around the next curve.
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