That’s a Wonder of a Woman!

Here we have a preview image of Smallville’s erstwhile Lois Lane, Erica Durance, guesting on the Jan. 11, 2012, episode of Harry’s Law dressed in the Wonder Woman costume that was used in last spring’s abortive Wonder Woman pilot — and I think she looks wonderful.

David E. Kelley, the creator of HL, was the writer behind that much-maligned Wonder Woman project (which was deemed so bad that even NBC — yes, NBC — refused to air it), and apparently he still holds the rights to a TV depiction of the character. Clearly, he didn’t want to waste his opportunity. WW still has the pants ensemble instead of the traditional bare legs, but, hey — the costume was already sewn, right?

No disrespect meant toward to star of the pilot, Adrianne Palicki, at all, but I think the supersuit uh…er, suits Erica a bit better. Or, at least, Erica looks more at ease wearing the super-tight, unforgiving corset and skintight pants.

The episode will see Erica playing Annie Bilson, a mentally unstable woman who truly believes she is Wonder Woman and has been carrying out acts of vigilante justice. When she finally goes too far, she is charged with a crime and then turns to lawyer Adam (Nate Corddry).

I have never enjoyed Harry’s Law — I watched the premiere and didn’t like it at all — but I will be taking a peek at this Jan. 11 episode, so stunt-casting Erica worked. At least, this time, Kelley…

Oh, yeah? Sez you!

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