AMERICAN HORROR STORY 1.12: “Afterbirth”

AMERICAN HORROR STORY wrapped up its inaugural creepy season with a neat bow for the holidays — one that tied off all the plot threads and nearly ended the story of the Harmons in the Los Angeles “Murder House,” capping it with a warm Christmas scene out of a Hallmark movie, with the undead clan trimming their tree.

The final episode served as an epilogue for the season-long story of the Harmons, who moved into the house with “personality” in the premiere, and ended up making sure a new family moved out in the finale. Overall, I have to declare AHS a success. It suffered from “pilotitis” in the beginning a took a couple of episodes to find its feet. But once it stopped paying tribute to horror greats of the past and started charting its own path, AHS worked as a family drama and as horror TV. The tale of the Harmons had a beginning a middle and an end. AHS pushed boundaries with imagination and flair, and generated some genuinely unsettling scenes.
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