John Carter’s Two New TV Spots

Disney is finally starting to ramp up the publicity machine for the upcoming John Carter movie, and as part of that, we get to see two new TV spots that ramp up the action factor and show a little more of Barsoom and hint at the story.

This clip is called “He Arrives,” and looks at US Civil War veteran Capt. John Carter’s (Taylor Kitsch) arrival on a desolate Barsoom, then some good-looking action sequences.

Next we have a clip called “Lost” with even more action — unfortunately a lot of it repeated from the “He Arrives” clip. Still, Woola looks great, and the green horde of savage Warhoons appear suitably threatening.

In case you missed the 2-minute trailer, here’s a link. And you can also take a look at the first teaser here.

John Carter opens March 9. I remain skeptical of the 3D format, but it certainly ought to be fun to see this movie in IMAX.

Oh, yeah? Sez you!

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