Epic Hobbit Poster and Trailer

This is traditionally the time of year of good little boys and girls look forward to great presents from a fat, gray-bearded elf — and, boy, did Peter Jackson ever deliver! OK, so the director lost a ton of weight and his beard is still dark; and he’s a kiwi, not an elf. But he still came up with some truly amazing gifts for fans who cannot wait for the December 2012 release of his latest masterpiece, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey — an awe-inspiring poster and a kick-ass teaser trailer!

Feast your eyes on this terrific poster. It depicts the titular hero, Bilbo Baggins (Martin Freeman) stepping out of his cozy hobbit-hole and out into a wide, mysterious — and possibly sinister [look at those black clouds!) — world beyond the friendly confines of Bag End and The Shire. The image is off-kilter, mimicking the way Bilbo’s world has been knocked off its axis by a visit from Gandalf (Sir Ian McKellan). I love the way this poster is so low-key, yet absolutely screams adventure! Bilbo does not know what he’s getting himself into by taking on this quest.
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John Carter’s Two New TV Spots

Disney is finally starting to ramp up the publicity machine for the upcoming John Carter movie, and as part of that, we get to see two new TV spots that ramp up the action factor and show a little more of Barsoom and hint at the story.

This clip is called “He Arrives,” and looks at US Civil War veteran Capt. John Carter’s (Taylor Kitsch) arrival on a desolate Barsoom, then some good-looking action sequences.

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