WAREHOUSE 13 3.13: “The Greatest Gift”

Christmas specials are usually about two things: family, and the “magic” of the holiday. And there’s usually one other element crammed in: an old fat guy with a white beard who may or may not be Santa Claus — but who invariably turns out to be the real Santa, after all. (He even mentioned that bike you wanted as a child!)

The great thing about the WAREHOUSE 13 Christmas episode is that it wasn’t really about Christmas — it was the relationship between the characters we have come to know so well, and reveals that Pete is pretty much the lynchpin that holds the gang together. And, yes, they are a “family” of sorts. Oh, and there was no pseudo Santa — despite being one of the few shows on which such a character would actually work!
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EUREKA 4.21: “Do You See What I See”

They say there are only two certainties in life: death and taxes. But there is a third — every episode of EUREKA will about some crazy invention/science experiment going out of control and wreaking wacky havoc that can only be fixed by technobabble and Sheriff Jack Carter’s down-to-Earth common sense. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, since the show usually pretty entertaining, but I’m just saying — it’s a pretty rigid template.

That formula is no different around the holidays. Since the motto of Eureka township must be “Better Living Through Science (or, at least, that what we intend),” Carter (Colin Ferguson) concocts a plan to turn the town into a winter wonderland using a super proton generator to manufacture snow. Of course, things don’t go exactly as planned.
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