The Thing is Coming!

I’m very excited to find a bona fide trailer for The Thing – no, not the 1982 John Carpenter film, but rather a new prequel to that particular horror classic. I know, it’s confusing to use the same title, but it could have been worse, had it been granted a typical Hollywood prequel title. Would you pay to see something called, say, “The Thing: The Freezing“?

This prequel is set just before Carpenter’s flick, and explains what happened at the Norwegian camp where the alien lifeform was actually discovered. (Carpenter fans will recall his movie opening with the Norwegian helicopter chasing the Thing in dog form.) The new film stars Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Death Proof) as American paleontologist Kate Lloyd, who is called in to consult when Norway’s Antarctic researchers find some…thing really strange in the icepack.

The problem with this film, of course, is that everyone who has seen Carpenter’s production knows how this prequel must end… or do we? We only think we know what happened to the Norwegian team. But really, we only have the hints uncovered by Kurt Russell’s MacReady and co. There’s actually plenty of room for a good story. And this trailer makes the film look pretty creepy. Based on this, people might have to watch director Matthijs van Heijningen Jr.

Look for Winstead in The Thing when it opens this October.

4 thoughts on “The Thing is Coming!

  1. My dad made, nay allowed, me to watch The Thing when I was just a young, innocent, unsuspecting child. I LOVED it and it also scared the living crap out of me. Years later, when we watched The Faculty, Dad was calling shenanigans on the scene where the stupid teenagers have to sniff the pens full of drugs to determine which one is the alien. He was right. It was a blatant rip off and made me appreciate The Thing even more.


    • I am cautiously optimistic about this movie. It looks close enough to Carpenter to deliver similar thrills, however, I don’t want a complete clone. The scene in this teaser with the dog pen looks suspiciously similar to the one in Carpenter’s movie. And trudging around with flame-throwers is cool (they have to have those!), but it’s also pretty familiar. I trust this will be an homage to 1982, not a rip-off.


  2. I absolutely love the concept of The Thing and I think it was executed very well in the original. Based off the trailer, I am concerned that in the new version they will focus too closely on the monster in alien form. I think that the true fear broods in the unknown, in this case when the alien is posing as human. This factor makes the movie so much more creepy not knowing who is your friend or enemy and I really hope that they center the horror of the film on this major factor. If so it will be a successful homage to John Carpenter’s classic.


    • I’m guessing the filmmakers are probably reluctant to reveal the alien form of the creature in a trailer. They want the reveal to be a big moment.


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