DOCTOR WHO 6.4 (32.4): The Doctor’s Wife

Well, thanks to Neil Gaiman’s instant classic “The Doctor’s Wife” episode of DOCTOR WHO, no one will ever look at the TARDIS in quite the same way again!

It has long been hinted and teased that the TARDIS houses some sort of consciousness, or even a kind of “heart” or “soul.” The revived series has added clues that TARDISes are grown from a kind of coral more than manufactured (The 10th Doctor states as much in “The Impossible Planet.”) And, of course, the exact circumstances of the Doctor’s…um, departure from Gallifrey have been a question ever since “An Unearthly Child.” Leave it to fantasy demigod Gaiman to blend all those elements into a magical, alchemical mix and come up with a ripping yarn that entertains while addressing questions and raising new (fun) mysteries.
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