Soap Opera Weekly: 03/11/11

I would like to take a moment to say how much I am enjoying Bree Williamson‘s depiction of loopy, devil-may-care Tess. I have been critical of ONE LIFE TO LIVE in the past, so it’s only fair that I also point out the good stuff. And Williamson is nothing short of great.

I especially love the joy in her eyes as Tess is indulging her inner devil and doing whatever she damn well pleases — acting on every urge as it occurs, and saying whatever pops into her head. Williamson seems to be reveling in playing Tess, imbuing her with a voracious sexuality and making anyone else in the room uncomfortable.

And that’s not all bad. Don’t tell anyone, but I almost envy Tess, because she is unconstrained by worries about what other people might think. If she sees something (or someone) she wants, she goes for it. Granted, she is capable of being astonishingly cruel, and I’m certainly not advocating the bad stuff she does. But Williamson’s Tess is compulsively watchable, and the character does serve a kind of twisted wish-fulfillment role. Who wouldn’t like to slip the bounds of propriety and indulge oneself with so little consequence?

Since this character has been around since 2005, one could say Tess was running on tiger blood long before Charlie Sheen!

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