NIKITA 1.21: Betrayals

Percy (Xander Berkeley) had Nikita’s (Maggie Q) mole, Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) in his power. Amanda (Melinda Clarke) wanted to interrogate her, but Percy wanted her canceled – until he learned that “Alex” is actually Alexandra Udinov, the daughter of a powerful Russian crime lord killed by Division. Then he decided to turn her against Nikita. Amanda tried to get information about Operation: Sparrow, but Percy stonewalled her. She and Michael (Shane West) tried to bluff each other that they were privy to more information than the other had. Percy really did have info that Michael didn’t: He knew Michael was cooperating with Nikita and Alex. Meanwhile, Nikita kidnapped an expert to figure out how to open Percy’s black box, believing it held the key to Operation: Sparrow. Percy sent Alex back in to “pull the trigger” on Nikita. The episode ended with a bang as Alex literally pulled the trigger and shot Nikita.
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MAKE IT OR BREAK IT 2.16: Requiem for a Dream

Dreams – resurrected, deferred and destroyed – were at the heart of this week’s episode of MAKE IT OR BREAK IT. Emily saw her Olympic hopes potentially snuffed out, while the other girls rededicated themselves to making their dreams of gymnastics glory happen – together.

Emily (Chelsea Hobbs) had a sonogram and learned she is about six weeks pregnant. The doctor barred her from doing any more gymnastics. Speaking as a former teen mother herself, Chloe (Susan Ward) encouraged Emily to have an abortion, but the elite gymnast wasn’t sure, so she turned to her coach, Sasha (Neil Jackson). Typically, he wanted her to make the decision herself – but he was so adamant about it that he refused to offer her any advice at all, even though she begged him. Emily decided to put off a decision until her place on the Worlds team was decided, however her respite was short-lived: Marcus (Sean Maher) soon arrived to announce that Emily was cleared to participate in worlds. Later, Chloe enlisted Marcus’ help in trying to persuade Em to terminate the pregnancy, but his business-as-usual attitude turned her off. Meanwhile, Damon (Johnny Pacar) told Kaylie (Josie Loren) that the record company wanted him to record a song – the one he wrote and performed with her. In the heat of the moment of celebration, they kissed, but Kaylie instantly regretted it.
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