DOCTOR WHO 6.2 (32.6): Day of the Moon

Wow, if your haven’t watched “Day of the Moon,” the second half of the season-opening DOCTOR WHO story, go watch it now, because you can’t read this post without knowing what happened in the story. And, more importantly, what didn’t happen!

I can’t help feeling like there was a lot of overt misdirection; a lot of sound and fury trying to divert viewers from some vital information. Rather than the conclusion to a story, “Day of the Moon” felt very much like the middle part of a trilogy. It’s a link in a chain, not and ending. It’s almost as if show-runner Steven Moffat was expecting viewers to forget a thing or two — as if the Silents were at work. And that last-second reveal of the Little Girl regenerating — clearly designed to knock viewers for a loop! I might almost be tempted to call this episode a cheat, however, I have every confidence that Moffat will come through (eventually) with all the answers. We just need to trust him.
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