Okay, so it’s really hard to power a stargate to dial a nine-chevron address. And dangerous: Reaching Destiny destroyed two entire planets – and this week’s effort to connect a wormhole cost Young and Telford pieces of their souls.

The planet Langara — homeworld of former SG-1 team member Jonas Quinn – is asked to use its rich naquadria deposits to provide the raw power to connect to Destiny. Though dialing a nine-chevron address had previously destroyed two entire planets, Dr. Rodney McKay (David Hewlett) had developed a new dialing protocol which could make Langara into a stable supply line for Destiny. However, the Langaran government (personified by Victor Garber’s Ambassador Ovirda) did not believe the technology was safe. Col. Telford (Lou Diamond Phillips) was convinced that the Langarans were on the verge of cutting a deal with the Lucian Alliance (who are looking for another chance to board Destiny again), and got authorization to… er, “demonstrate” that the technology works – by force. Enlisting Richard Woolsey (Robert Picardo) of Homeworld Command, Col. Young (Louis Ferreira) and Lt. Scott (Brian J. Smith) invaded the planet by using the Ancient communication stones to switch bodies with two Langaran officials and “invite” McKay’s team to install the dialing technology.
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