MAKE IT OR BREAK IT 2.12: Free People

So the girls of MAKE IT OR BREAK IT’s Rock got a new coach this week, and while the lady may be a former Olympic gymnast, the lady if no coach. And that’s a problem. For everyone.

In an effort to get the Rock rolling again, Steve (Anthony Starke) hired a new coach to replace the departed Sasha (Neil Jackson). Unfortunately, all the experienced, A-list coaches are already under contract, so Steve settled for Darby Conrad (Meagan Holder), a perky former Olympian. She’s like an overgrown kid, and I hated her from moment she was introduced. Way too bubbly to be trusted…

Darby is a longtime pal of Lauren’s (Cassie Scerbo), so naturally the spoiled brat figured she had it made in the shade. She even tried to appoint herself team captain. But when Payson (Ayla Kell) objected, Darby’s Achilles’ heel was exposed: She hates confrontation of any kind, and thus refused to “take a side” by designating a captain. She decided to let the gals compete for it. True, Sasha would have done the very same thing, but he would have done it as a way to toughen up Lauren and Payson; not as a way to avoid making a tough call.

Other “tough” calls Darby refuses to make: Requiring the gymnasts to show up for practice at a set time, and a host of other discipline issues. Darby preferred to toss around platitudes about empowerment and try to ingratiate herself with the girls. She wanted to be their pal, not their coach — which is never going to work. When the scoring of the competition ended in a tie, Darby again deflected, declaring Lauren and Payson co-captains. Lauren was so angry she went to her father and stomped her feet and threatened to tell the world that she leaked the photo of Payson kissing Sasha. Speaking of the former coach, there was no sign of Sasha the amazing boxing gymnastics coach this week – or Max, for that matter – so Payson’s personal hell continued. However, Lauren’s got slightly better, because by episode’s end, she was ecstatic that Steve and Summer (Candace Cameron Bure) were getting back together – or, as Lauren called, “getting married.”

Meanwhile, “bad girls” Kaylie (Josie Loren) and Emily (Chelsea Hobbs) continued to struggle. Kaylie started the episode in food rehab, and plotted with Maeve (Alice Greczyn) to say whatever the doctors want to hear in order to get released. She simply cannot accept that she has a problem with eating. She was successful in bluffing her therapist, and got sent home in the custody of her parents – but was forbidden from training! This made Kaylie throw stuff (specifically her mom’s music awards) and stomp her feet. Kaylie was worried about her place on the World Team, but her doctors and mom Ronnie (Rosa Blasi) want her to take up a hobby, like art or singing. Emily, meanwhile, learned that she can get her spot on the World squad – provided she sign a contract that says she can do nothing by train and attend school. So, she would be barred from seeing Damon (Johnny Pacar), who has conveniently/inconveniently moved back to Boulder to finish recording his album. Luckily, Damon remembers the vow he made earlier in the season to stay away from Emily until after the Olympics, so he’s actually cool with the idea of her avoiding him. She’s so grateful that she agrees to have sex with him for the first time. (Apparently, she thinks that will hold them both over until late 2012. Or, maybe she just completely forgot that she actually went all the way to Paris to break up with Damon in order to focus solely on gymnastics.) Conveniently, Kaylie offers her mom’s recording studio free of charge. Damon was already very appreciative, so it’s not hard to figure out where that subplot is headed…

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