BBC America has a different DOCTOR WHO trailer!

BBC America has seen BBC One’s DOCTOR WHO series 6 trailer and raised it – by including a lot of snippets from Episode 1, “The Impossible Astronaut.” This trailer kicks ass. Not that the BBC One trailer doesn’t, but the BBCA clipfest gives Whovians a little more from the opening story. Of course there are clips from the other episodes in the first half of the season – and most of them are different from the snippets in the BBC One trailer…

Check out these creepy-looking monsters. Popular opinion on the Interwebs suggests these the Silents – or, perhaps collectively, The Silence… As in last season’s prophecy, “Silence will fall.” That Silence. Love the design of these guys!

Other good things? More River Song… The Doctor (Matt Smith) in the Oval Office… Pirates! A question: Why does the TARDIS materialize in a new way? And yes, that is genre demigod Mark Sheppard (BATTLESTAR GALACTICA’s Romo Lampkin) doing the voice-over. He plays Canton in the opening two-parter, “The Impossible Astronaut”/“The Day of the Moon.”

DOCTOR WHO Series 6 premieres April 23 at 9 p.m. on BBC America.

Oh, yeah? Sez you!

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