BEING HUMAN 1.9: I Want You Back (From the Dead)

“Kids. I don’t know what’s wrong with these kids today.” At least, that was the problem in the song way back in the movie Bye Bye Birdie. But if you watched this week’s BEING HUMAN, you know the problem with one particular kid is vampirism. In other words, the kid ain’t alright.

Bernie (Jason Spevack) was a neighborhood urchin who attracted Aidan’s (Sam Witwer) attention (No, not like that, silly rabbit). When Bernie was pulverized in a traffic accident right outside Aidan’s home, the thought of the kid dying devastated the vampire. Rebecca (Sarah Allen), urged Aidan to turn Bernie as the child lingered at the hospital. When Aidan refused, she did the deed herself, apparently trying to create a cozy little vampire family for Aidan. However, instead of being greeted with thanks, Aidan was furious. He explained that it was verboten to turn children, because the tykes have little impulse-control on a good day, let alone when they are consumed with bloodlust and sporting amped-up vamp powers.
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STARGATE UNIVERSE 2.12: Twin Destinies

This was one of those timey-wimey episodes that takes a little concentration to follow, but rewards the careful viewer. The story and its timeline absolutely do hold up, and the story works without relying on technobabble to justify/dismiss what happens. It’s just another example of how entertaining “hard” science fiction can be when leavened with a bit of time travel and vivid characters.

The story saw Eli (David Blue) figure out a new way to dial Earth while Destiny refuels inside a star. The decision was made to give his plan a try, but Rush (Robert Carlyle) was adamantly against it, because while the math worked, conditions in the heart of a star are inherently unstable, and there were too many ways it could have gone down twisted. Young (Louis Ferreira) decided to give it a try, before they can dial out, they are interrupted by the arrival of their shuttle – carrying Dr. Rush. The Rush in the shuttle explained that he had been bounced back some 12 hours in time after Destiny’s attempt to dial home went disastrously wrong. In fact, the attempt resulted in the deaths of almost everyone except himself, and the loss of Destiny. Young had to decide whether to go through with the potentially risky procedure (armed with foreknowledge of what happened/will happen). The discovery of the derelict time-jumped Destiny put the kibosh on attempting to dial Earth.
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The Adjustment Bureau

Let me make one thing clear at the outset: The best thing about The Adjustment Bureau is the costume design, which will probably land Kasia Walicka Maimone an Oscar nomination next February for all the various men’s hats and Emily Blunt’s gravity-defying dress. What won’t win any Oscar nods? Anything else from the movie.

Don’t get me wrong, The Adjustment Bureau is an enjoyable enough thriller, with a unique premise, lots of running and chasing and a grand, forbidden love story for the attractive leads. It is a totally enjoyable and diverting movie.

But it could have been so much more. It should have been so much more…
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DOCTOR WHO to debut in USA on April 23!

After too many months, the announcement I have been waiting for so breathlessly has finally been made: The new season of DOCTOR WHO will premiere on BBC America on April 23, at 9 p.m., according to Entertainment Weekly.

This will be the sixth season since the world’s greatest fantasy series was retooled and revived, the 32nd overall, and second starring Matt Smith as the 11th incarnation of the Doctor, the last of the Time Lords. Also returning are Karen Gillan as Amy Pond, and Arthur Darvill as her husband, Rory Pond.

Among the highlights that have already leaked (possible minor spoilers): Award-winning fantasy author Neil Gaiman has written an episode currently slated to air fourth; the Doctor has a “proper” adventure in America (partially filmed in picturesque Monument Valley); Alex Kingston returns as the enigmatic River Song; and James Corden will be back as the Doctor’s ex-roomie, Craig Owens (last seen in “The Lodger”). The season kicks off with a two-parter written by show-runner Steven Moffat that promises to reveal at least some of River Song’s secrets.

Is it April 23 yet? Is it? Is it…?

Soap Opera Weekly: 12/16/10

I really enjoyed watching ONE LIFE TO LIVE’s Charlie and Echo square off today over her drinking. Charlie decided to stage a one-man intervention near Rex’s sickbed, entreating her to give up the booze for the sake of her son. Or for Charlie, even!

Echo was determined to make up for not raising Rex by being a mother to him now. However, the flaw in her plan was that she believed an occasional sip of firewater would be just fine. But Charlie pointed out that if that pull comes from a flask you have to hide, then she has a problem.

This was the first time that I saw Kim Zimmer really cut loose and remind me of her GUIDING LIGHT powerhouse, Reva. She was commanding and persuasive — even if her argument was full of holes. And Brian Kerwin gave as good as he got, standing toe to toe with Zimmer. “You’re stronger than you know,” he counseled. I guess he should know…

Echo cleverly used Charlie’s pledge to stand by her as an excuse to get next to him and try to horn in on Rex. She vowed to dry out “for Rex’s sake.” Well, anyone will tell you that you cannot get sober (or make any serious change in your lifestyle) for someone else; it has to be for you. So clearly she has another agenda…

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Soap Opera Weekly: 11/24/10

ALL MY CHILDREN fans might want to take a moment before their Thanksgiving feasts to be just a little thankful for Alicia Minshew‘s portrayal of an anguished Kendall this week. Such heavy subject matter may not be the stuff of holiday cheer, but her work certainly brightened my week.

What Minshew did best was mix confusion and shock and denial into one shuddering, stammering woman’s body. Kendall looked at familiar faces as if she had never seen them before; she walked around like a stranger in town. She stared at her empty condo like it was a stranger’s home. All this alienation from the people and places she knew had the cumulative effect of casting Kendall adrift, leaving her anchorless without her beloved Zach.

When Bianca arrived, no words needed to pass between the sisters, because all the emotion was conveyed with their eyes. “No, no, no,” Kendall chanted, as if the words were a spell that could fend off the grim truth. “He’s not gone; we have plans,” she bleated.

Everyone has plans, don’t they, Kendall? But some folks don’t get to act on them. I plan to watch a lot more AMC…

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Soap Opera Weekly: 11/12/10

After all these years, GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Luke Spencer has not learned a very basic lesson: You should not drink and wed!

Getting Tracy trashed in Las Vegas a while back was what got Luke into his current nuptial mess, so I expected him to be smart enough to close the deal before breaking out the bubbly. Who celebrates a marriage before the vows are recited and the rings exchanged? That was just asking for trouble. But, then again, that’s Luke all over.

On the bright side, however, getting Luke, Tracy, Ethan and Maya blitzed did make for some entertaining scenes. (Just don’t try this at home, kids!) As soon as it became clear that no one remembered the night before, I figured Ethan and Maya would turn out to be the “happy” couple. Also, truth to tell, GH would never pass up the opportunity to showcase another epic (and potentially riotous) wedding for Luke. And hitching Ethan and Maya has its own appeal. The pair are charming together, and the bonds of matrimony will no doubt test their fun and easy-going relationship.

Only one question remains: How soon can Mr. and Mrs. Lovett share the big news with Kristina?

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