DOCTOR WHO Series 6 Trailer Debuts!

An intriguing new trailer for DOCTOR WHO Series 6 has been released, and I cannot stop watching it! There is a lot of info packed into these scant frames, and lots of cool imagery, as well. And then there is a true spit-take-inducing moment!

Have a look and see what you think. I’ll be back with potentially spoilerific thoughts after the cut…

So, did you agree with me about the cool stuff? First, there was this exchange of dialogue:

Voice: “Fear me. I’ve killed hundreds of Time Lords.”
Doctor: “Fear me. I’ve killed all of them.”

This snippet has to be from Neil Gaiman’s episode (currently slotted fourth), because it fits with the rumors of the return of the War Chief, the rogue Time Lord last seen in “The War Games,” the final story in Patrick Troughton’s initial run as the Second Doctor. Gaiman promised he’s bringing back someone not seen since “The War Games” – so who else could it be? (If it’s one of those nameless Time Lords from the High Council, I will be… displeased!) And the War Chief easily could have killed hundreds of Time Lords.

And then there’s the biggest shocker of all: The 10th Doctor! Check out the :36 mark: That is clearly the 10th Doctor’s control room; no doubt about it. Then look at the right side of the frame: Isn’t that David Tennant himself? And that glowy thing in the middle of the console room? Looks like a Dalek to me. Could this really be teasing a multiple-Doctor story? How cool would that be?

I seriously cannot wait for this show to begin. Is it April 23 yet?

Oh, one last thing. Here’s an atmospheric little “prequel” teaser for Series 6 as well. It sort of sets the mood, and features one of the least-expected guest stars in the history of the entire series…

“There are no monsters in the Oval Office.” At least, according to President Nixon, LOL!

ETA: Well, better/clearer images have surfaced, and it appears that the “mystery” figure is not the 10th Doctor, but rather Rory. While I admit that is much more likely than the return of 10, it is also far less fun…

2 thoughts on “DOCTOR WHO Series 6 Trailer Debuts!

    • I’m dying to see this season play out. Some spoilsports are suggesting that Tennant doesn’t appear in that episode (apparently Gaiman’s), and that the guy in that pic is actually Rory. I suppose that is much more likely, but it’s not nearly as fun! Whoever that is, I want to see the story…which is called “The Doctor’s Wife.” How’s that for a title?
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!


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