DOCTOR WHO: Titles, Clips and Comic Relief

Lots of exciting developments on the DOCTOR WHO front over the last week, and I have been lax in chronicling them… Where to begin? We have episode titles, a couple of teaser trailers and – the most fun – a mini-story that aired last Friday as part of Comic Relief’s charity campaign in the UK.

First, we now know the titles of the first two episodes of Series 6, which comprise a two-part story kicking off April 23: “The Impossible Astronaut” and “Day of the Moon.” And Episode 11 (that’s right, eleven) is called “The God Complex.” I love the names for the opening story, because they are very evocative; they fire the imagination. It’s no secret that Alex Kingston returns as River Song in these episodes, and they are both set in the good ol’ USA in the 1960s.

Speaking of evocative, the two ultra-brief teaser trailers show just enough to get you wondering – in other words, they are the very definition of teasers. One is 15 seconds long, and the other 24 seconds. Take a look at the short astronaut one:

I know it’s over almost before it began, but did you catch the reflection of the TARDIS in the astronaut’s visor? Pretty cool. (And yes, the Doctor can survive for short periods in hard vacuum, though he probably doesn’t have to here, as it appears he could be standing in the TARDIS doorway.)

Switching gears to a (slightly) longer form, how fun was that Steven Moffat-penned 8-minute story that was put together for Comic Relief on March 18? I absolutely loved it. Two Amy Ponds? And they… y’know, flirt with each other? (Or is that, flirts with herself?) “Space” and “Time” was another of Moffat’s trademark timey-wimey stories, only it was a little more… well, spacey-wacey? While helping the Doctor (Matt Smith) repair the TARDIS, Rory (Arthur Darvill) dropped a thermal coupling, causing the TARDIS to crash – but this time, the TARDIS materialized inside itself, causing a time/space loop that prevents anything from entering or leaving the TARDIS. Well, except Amy (Karen Gillan). Sort of. Just watch it…

Part 1, Space:

Part 2, Time:

Some great lines in this one: “Okay kids, this is where it gets complicated.” Nice shout-out to “The Big Bang,” eh? Yes, we’ve seen exactly this sort of thing before: a TARDIS malfunction that prompts one of the crew to meet a future version of him/herself, and then the Doctor comes up with a controlled implosion to remedy the situation… But this special was all about fun, not plot logic, and these tales definitely are fun. The story is about warm character interaction among friends. All the good stuff here flows out of the characters – the insight into Amy’s (lack of) driving skills, Rory feeling like a screw-up, the Doctor being brilliant. And then there’s that dialogue: “Why do I get slapped?” Silly rabbit, because you’re Rory! “The wibbly lever!” What a line reading from Smith… I hope he stays on as the Doctor until the end of time! And, topping it all off, the Doctor admonishing his assistant: “Pond, put some trousers on.”

This little teaser of a story was great, but a bit of a double-edged sword: It helped make the wait for Series 6 just a little bit easier, but also a little bit harder, because it reminded me of just how much I miss the Doctor and Amy and Rory.

Oh, yeah? Sez you!

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