Soap Opera Weekly: 6/11/10

This week’s wedding of Jake and Amanda on ALL MY CHILDREN was my favorite soap nuptials in a long time — thanks largely to Ricky Paull Goldin, who played Jake more like a regular guy than an idealized romantic hero so many male characters are forced to be.

I have never been to a real-life wedding in which the bride and groom wrote their own vows. Nope, it’s never happened. Yet, on soaps, every couple writes their own vows — no matter who they are, or how impromptu the ceremony. Hell, even THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS’ drunken Billy and Victoria made up their own vows on that beach a couple of weeks ago! It’s one of those soap conventions that reminds us viewers that we’re watching a fantasy. Well, Jake joked that he didn’t know he was supposed to plan something! When Jake fashioned his own vows, the words sounded realistic; it wasn’t some flowery speech clearly penned by a writer who stayed up all night crafting it. He simply professed his love and admiration and devotion for his bride. Jake was not afraid to play the goofball and look a little silly. He feels real. Goldin plays Jake as a guy who would hang out and watch a game with you — and know the teams.

Jake and Amanda’s ceremony itself also had a grounded quality that made it seem like an event that could actually take place in the real world; it was not some impossibly grandiose affair fit for fairy-tale royalty. Even with the do-it-yourself vows, this was a ceremony real people might actually be invited to.

Okay, so Jake busted out the purple prose at very end, and the happy couple made a splashy, scripted exit. But, hey, it is a soap opera, after all.

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