Soap Opera Weekly: 3/09/10

Watching GENERAL HOSPITAL this week, I have to wonder how somebody as insecure as Spinelli can be with Maxie. The way he works himself into a lather of fear and suspicion is ridiculous. She has chosen to hang with him, and he gives himself no credit for that at all.

How insecure can Spinelli be? I thought he settled his issues a while back, but this week he acts on his old fear that Maxie is only attracted to dark and dangerous bad boys. Okay, so she slept with Franco. But that was about Maxie and her hang-ups, not a reflection on Spinelli. She would have no problem finding other male companionship if she wanted it. The truth is, Maxie hangs with the Jackal because she wants to. She’s not legally bound to stick around until death do they part. In fact, she loves him so much that she didn’t want to ruin their friendship by marrying him. So take a cue from that, dude. Actions speak louder than words.

And your actions this week scream, “Lunatic!” While I do not question the Jackal’s intelligence, sometimes I do wonder about his sanity. A common definition of madness is “repeating the same action over and over and expecting a different outcome.” Spinelli has tried this gambit of dragging Maxie along on some manufactured adventure before, and it has never gone well. What makes him think this time it will be any different? It’s just plain dangerous. And crazy. Remember, GH, he’s supposed to be the Jackal, not the Loon.

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