DOCTOR WHO at a glance!

Pretty much everything you need to know to start watching DOCTOR WHO, you can glean from this infographic created by artist Bob Canada. Sure, it’s simplified, but the point is to get noobs up to speed ASAP. Plus, it’s a nice piece of artwork.

Of course there are small points of contention in this distillation (The First Doctor, the one who started it all, got short shrift, and did the Seventh Doctor truly clash with the Rani “often”?), but most of the information looks otherwise accurate to me – with the exception of the assertion that the Second Doctor played the flute. It was actually a recorder, which is not the same thing. Oh, and that bit about frequently battling the Rani is just plain wrong. (Once is not really “often.”)

But enjoy the piece, and get psyched for Matt Smith starring in series six, coming this spring…

Oh, yeah? Sez you!

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