Captain America: The First…Poster

Well, here it is, the first real teaser poster for Captain America: The First Avenger. I have to admit I mostly like it. I could totally live without the word “Avenge” spread across Cap’s chest, but the rest of the image is great.

I like the way Cap is depicted as weary and battle-scarred, as if World War II has taken a lot out of him. The flying debris in the background makes this look like a candid shot of Cap in a moment of human vulnerability. I figure this is not the moment when he vows vengeance for the death of Bucky, because (according to comics lore) Cap doesn’t find out that Bucky died until after he was defrosted by the Avengers. This is probably meant to be a figurative moment: a battle-hardened Steve Rogers (Chris Evans), haunted by the traumatic memories of WWII.

I’m still not a fan of depicting the star-spangled Avenger’s shield as damaged. It’s supposed to be completely impervious. And word is the shield in the movie is made of vibranium, just like in the comics. But this one is pretty much beat to hell. Still, artistic license, and all that. And maybe this isn’t his vibranium shield at all; maybe it’s one of the other shields he used before the fancy one was presented to him by President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Oh, yeah? Sez you!

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