DOCTOR WHO defeated at NTAs

It may not be a tragedy on par with happened to Bowie Base One in “The Waters of Mars,” but DOCTOR WHO was robbed of the best drama award at the U.K.’s National Television Awards. Something called WATERLOO ROAD seems to have won, however many Britons reportedly claim never have seen the show, and even doubt its existence, suggesting it may be an urban myth.

However, before that sad result was read, the Doctor himself (Matt Smith) appeared in an original 3-minute segment in which the Time Lord attempts to get host Dermot O’Leary to the show on time.

We in the colonies may have no idea exactly which fictional characters the Doctor and Dermot visit, but it’s worth watching just to see Smith in action as the last Time Lord once again. Can you believe he was passed over for best actor? Anyway, I don’t know who wrote the script for this bit o’ fluff, but the Doctor does act in character. Have a gander at the 11th Doctor in the TARDIS (but without Amy and Rory):

April cannot come soon enough…