Fun DOCTOR WHO photo rates a “10”

Here’s an image to make Whovian heads explode the world over: the 10th Doctor side-by-side with the 11th Doctor’s assistant Amy Pond. No, sadly, this isn’t a scene from production of the sixth season, but rather a shot from a party celebrating the stars who have appeared on the cover of Great Britain’s Radio Times magazine.

Erstwhile Doctor David Tennant hosted the festivities, and presented a framed cover to Karen Gillan and many other celebrities. Despite the name, Radio Times lists television programs, sort of something like TV Guide here in the colonies. (It started out with radio listings in 1923.)

Ah, just imagine the possibilities conjured by this photo… Not that I want to see current Time Lord Matt Smith go anywhere! I’d love it if Smith broke Tom Baker’s record of seven consecutive seasons as the Fourth Doctor, or even Sylvester McCoy’s hiatus-enhanced tenure of nine years as the Seventh Doctor (from 1987’s Time and the Rani until the 1996 TV movie)…

But before that happens, Smith has to get through his second season, the sixth since the series was revived in 2005, which is currently still filming. All indications are the new season will debut in April.