On the heels of yesterday’s casting announcement comes official word that TORCHWOOD: THE NEW WORLD will premiere here in the USA and in the UK on July 1! That’s great news! Also great news: Filming is scheduled to start in the colonies next week!

You can hop over to this Doctor Who News Page for a listing of the production personnel who will actually be making the series. The roster includes a lot of genre veterans, with heavy representation from BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER and ANGEL. The director of the premiere episode will be Bharat Nalluri, who helmed the first episode of the British LIFE ON MARS. That page also has a nice roundup of all the TNW news to date, as well as previews of the official comic book series (which you are buying, right?).

Did you know there is an official TORCHWOOD YouTube channel? There’s not really much there related to TNW yet, but I’m betting there will be soon, now that production is really ramping up. There is also an official TNW facebook page and a Twitter account, @TORCHWOOD_TNW.