Dichen Lachman

Is this a conspiracy? The new season of TORCHWOOD has added two more CIA operatives, in the lovely forms of DOLLHOUSE active Dichen Lachman (ex-Sierra) and ALL MY CHILDREN vet Alexa Havins (ex-Babe). Lachman also did a stint on a soap opera: Australia’s NEIGHBOURS.

Havins will play the previously announced female lead, Ester Katusi, a CIA analyst with a crush on colleague Rex Matheson, to be portrayed by former ER doc Mekhi Phifer. No name has been released for Lachman’s character. Bill Pullman (Independence Day), will be playing way against type as depraved murderer/pedophile Oswald Jones. (I guess casting him as the president of the United States would have been too easy?) In addition, Arlene Tur (Bebe, CRASH) has been cast as Vera Juarez, described as a surgeon. I cannot express how highly I approve of the gorgeous Lachman’s casting. I loved her in DOLLHOUSE, where she made Sierra such a complex character: soft and beautiful as a rose, but steely strong beneath the surface.

I’m really looking forward to TORCHWOOD: THE NEW WORLD, if for no other reason than it takes my mind off obsessing about DOCTOR WHO. If TNW is even half as good as last year’s CHILDREN OF EARTH, we are in for a treat. It has been too long since I’ve seen John Barrowman’s Capt. Jack Harkness, Eve Myles’ Gwen, and Kai Owen’s Rhys. And three cheers for the return of Tom Price as PC Andy! Remember Jack’s cameo in DW’s “The End of Time, Part 2”? Gwen and Rhys haven’t been glimpsed since the end of COE.

The best part is that the forthcoming fourth season will be broadcast here in the colonies on Starz concurrently with the premiere on BBC One back in the U.K. So no trauma-inducing wait for the series to migrate across the pond.

I have a feeling that 2011 is the year that everything changes…

Oh, yeah? Sez you!

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