DOCTOR WHO Series 6: First Teaser Trailer

After looking back at the DOCTOR WHO Christmas special in the last entry, let’s indulge in a little bit of hope for the future by taking a peek at the Series 6 (That’s Season 32 for the purists!) teaser trailer that capped “A Christmas Carol.” Let’s take a look at what awaits us in Spring 2011…

At first glance, this clip seems rather low-key, which is not a bad thing, because the stories look interesting. It might be because Matt Smith looks relatively restrained as the Doctor. The season looks to have a strong Amy (Karen Gillan) element, but Rory (Arthur Darvill) is not too well-represented. I was surprised to see the Ood back, and I don’t think anyone expected a naked River Song (Alex Kingston). But we will examine the trailer in detail at a later date.

My two favorite quotes from the clip: “I wear a Stetson now. Stetsons are cool.” And the dread-filled: “My life in your hands, Amelia Pond.”