New Year’s Fight Club 2011

Like most people, I look at the dawn of a new year as a chance to start fresh; to change what’s not working, and hopefully chart a successful new course for an entire year. And it hasn’t worked yet.

I used to make formal New Year’s Resolutions, but they always quickly fell by the wayside, and I felt like a failure because of it. So I gave up formal declarations and decided to just go with a general statement of ambition: To make (insert year) better than last year. That didn’t work, either. In fact, the result was a series of years in which each was far worse than the one before. This trend reached its ridiculous depths with 2010, which was the worst year on record for me. Let’s hope that was the nadir.

For 2011, I’m going with resolutions, but with a Fight Club vibe:

1. The first rule of New Year’s Resolutions is, you do not talk about New Year’s Resolutions.
2. The second rule of New Year’s Resolutions is, you DO NOT talk about New Year’s Resolutions.

So there you have it. Yes, I’m making resolutions, but no, I will not tell you about them.

Now go do that voodoo that you do so well!