GLEE 2.8: Furt

Is it possible that GLEE finally managed to go too far with Sue Sylvester? (I don’t like to say “jumped the shark” because… D’oh!) Having Sue marry herself seemed to redefine self-absorption, even for Sue! What’s more, it seemed to come totally out of the blue. Y’know, like the blue of her tracksuit wedding dress. (Wow, that was hideous!)

The one bright spot in the story was the appearance of Carol Burnett as Sue’s dictatorial mother, Doris, the “famous Nazi-hunter.” It’s easy to see where Sue (Jane Lynch) gets her bullying attitude. Doris started tearing down Sue from the first sentence out of her mouth. And while Doris felt that Sue had shut her mother out of her life, Doris was reluctant to share any details of her own. (In fact, I began to doubt that she has been hunting Nazis all this time.) And I was not familiar with the song “Ohio,” or the fact that people wrote songs about Ohio. Notice that Sue’s father did not appear. I’m guessing the show is holding him back for next season.

The wedding of Burt (Mike O’Malley) and Carole (Romy Rosemont), however, was anything but hideous. Truth to tell, I’m not much of a wedding guy myself, but I enjoyed this one. The Bruno Mars songs, “Marry You” and “Just the Way You Are,” seemed to fit perfectly, and Cory Monteith did a particularly nice job on vocals.

While Sue’s bullying personality is (mostly) played for laughs, there was a gravely serious subplot with Kurt (Chris Colfer) being menaced by a burly football player. This story was more than a little chilling, with Kurt really fearing for his life. Bullying has been part of GLEE from the opening moments of the series, but Karofsky (Max Adler) threatening to kill Kurt is a long way from tossing a slushie in someone’s face. (Perhaps some of Karofsky’s dysfunction stems from the fact that his father is played by Dr. Artz from LOST, Daniel Roebuck. Having dear old dad blown up by dynamite might unsettle a guy). Sadly with no witnesses to Karofsky’s emotional brutality, boy is only punished with a temporary expulsion. Kurt fears Karofsky so much that at the end of the episode he transferred to Dalton Academy, where they have a zero-tolerance no-bullying policy… oh, and a glee club. So Kurt is now the “enemy,” and Sectionals are just around the corner. Next week, in fact…

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