It had been a few weeks since I’d checked up on The CW’s THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, so I decided to yield to the flood of acclaim lately and take a look. Naturally, I was somewhat lost about the specifics, but happily I was able to get the gist of what was happening. And I liked what I saw.

Except, there wasn’t enough Elena (Nina Dobrev) for me. She spent most of the episode as Rose’s (Lauren Cohan) prisoner, awaiting the arrival of boogeyman Elijah (Daniel Gillies) with a mixture of fear, heroic resolve and dewy loveliness. Not that she was a shrinking violet; she did everything she could to try to escape, including taking a shot at Elijah himself. Talk about feisty! Of all the actors on this show, I have been most impressed by Dobrev’s growth over the course of the series. (Or has this just been a case of my eyes being opened to what was always there? I was not kind to TVD in the beginning.) Dobrev is more than just another pretty face; she has terrific acting chops. She is particularly adept at the dual role of Elena/Katherine; each character seems like an entirely different person. (Which they are: one’s a merciless, powerful vampire; the other is a high school girl)
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STARGATE UNIVERSE 2.6: Trial and Error

After weaving a pretty interesting story out of last week’s nirvana cliché, this week STARGATE UNIVERSE busied itself telling a pretty compelling tale around the apocalyptic vision cliché. You know the trope: someone repeatedly foresees a future that ends in disaster no matter what measures are taken to head it off.

The basic scenario had an overwhelming force of blue aliens arrive and demand that Destiny turn over Chloe (Elyse Levesque). No matter which course of action Col. Young (Louis Ferreira) took – fighting, powering shields or placidly surrendering Chloe – the blues end up destroying Destiny. Most of the impact of the disaster comes from the repetition of the doom, with each detonation amplifying the hopelessness of the situation. But I give SGU major credit the first time around, because the scene of Scott (Brian J. Smith) getting blown out of the observation deck made me shout, “Holy frak!” at my TV – before I realized what was going on, of course. (BTW, the effect looked really thrilling, with Scott tumbling amid shattered glass…)
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