HELLCATS 1.8: Back of a Car

Jealousy was the theme of this week’s HELLCATS, with Savannah suspicious of Marti’s deep ties to Dan, and Alice feeling like she comes second after football in the heart of quarterback boyfriend Jake.

Savannah (Ashley Tisdale) was feeling pressured to have sex with Dan (Matt Barr), but was determined not to cling to her idealization of virginity. The fact that Marti (Aly Michalka) and Lewis (Robbie Jones) seemed so free and easy with each other did not help. Also not helping? Dan’s continued closeness to childhood pal Marti. He confided in his confidante that he is frightened by the way Savannah is so defensive about her virginity. He feared she was building it up to some impossibly significant life-changing moment. He admitted that they had even discussed marriage as a result of having sex. He even said he would be okay with not having sex, if only Savannah would lighten up a bit.
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