CAPRICA 1.13: False Labor

CAPRICA seems to have evolved into a state of “meh” for me. Ever since it returned from hiatus, CAPRICA feels like something I watch if there’s nothing better on. Which is sad, because it began with such promise.

The problem probably stems from the concentration on Daniel Graystone’s (Eric Stoltz) soul-searching and Sister Clarice’s (Polly Walker) search for souls to add to Soldier of The One. I am simply not as interested in Daniel’s sudden attacks of conscience — c’mon, surely the man did not become a business titan by being nice and playing by the rules! — or Clarice’s metaphysical mumbo-jumbo.

My favorite line of the night came when Mar-Beth (Anita Torrance) mused to Clarice, “Funny how ‘God’s will’ always seems to serve your needs.” That is pretty convenient, isn’t it, Mar-Beth? “Apotheosis is my destiny,” Clarice insisted. It works like that with religious leaders here on Earth, too. I know Clarice’s monotheistic beliefs become central to the future cylons and have massive repercussions on BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, but — I get it. She believes in just one god. Got it. Move on…

The best scene of the night, however, came when Daniel reacted to the “Grace by Graystone” advertisement. Daniel was legitimately shocked and put off by “his” appearance in the commercial — because he didn’t shoot it. Cyrus (Hiro Kanagawa) filmed the spot with a computer simulation. That sent Daniel over the edge. He screamed about how “my image” was co-opted to create the spot without his consent or approval.

This is, of course, the height of irony, since he is desperately trying to co-opt his late daughter’s avatar for his own purposes. True, he believes she is dead, but he’s still seeking to use her image for his own profit. It wasn’t enough that he stole her ideas… Daniel ordered the commercial wiped, however, his new business partner, The Guatrau (Jorge Montesi), “suggested” that Daniel reshoot the spot himself, noting, “There’s no substitute for the real thing.” He knows not how correct he is! And, how wrong. The ZoeAvatar may substitute for the real girl, but there is no way it replaces her.

We did get an inkling of how cylons will one day replace human warriors when Sam (Sasha Roiz) used a prototype to slaughter a rival faction of Ha’latha gun-runners. After the machine had meted out death, it calmly announced, in that characteristic electronic voice, “Task competed. By your command.”

This appeared to be the first time that a cylon was ordered to kill other humans with malice. A significant early step on the road to the First Cylon War. It began with a gang war.

But enough of all this! Let’s go back to New Cap City and see what AvatarZoe (Alessandra Torresani) is up to…

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