NIKITA 1.2: 2.0

This episode of NIKITA had something of a split personality, which was fitting, considering that it told two stories; one set in the present, and one dredged from the past.

In the present, Percy (Xander Berkley) had hired out Division as a protection service for war criminal Mirko Dadich (Kristof Konrad). Division is supposedly holding Dadich in “protective custody” while he awaits trial, but Percy is after nuclear materials that Dadich hid before being arrested. Percy also engaged in literal pimping, when he ordered Michael (Shane West) to procure one of the young female trainees to serve as a… er, companion for Dadich, who was fresh out of prison and feeling a bit…frustrated. Michael took it upon himself to pull Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) out of class, had Amanda (Melinda Clarke) doll her up, and then delivered Alex into the lion’s den. A smart kid, Alex quickly realized what was expected of her, and she managed to alert Nikita (Maggie Q) that Dadich, the very target Nikita had been hunting on her own, was in the room with her.
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Sarah Jane and Jo: Together Again for the First Time!

Details are leaking out about “The Death of the Doctor,” a two-part story to air in the forthcoming fourth series of THE SARAH JANE ADVENTURES that will feature guest appearances by Matt Smith as the Doctor and Katy Manning reprising her role as Jo Grant, erstwhile assistant to the Third Doctor, appearing alongside series star Elisabeth Sladen.

The official story synopsis reads as follows:

“When the Doctor is declared dead, old companions Sarah Jane and Jo Grant meet for the very first time, and join forces to discover the truth. As an interstellar conspiracy gathers around UNIT HQ, Clyde finds that he holds the fate of the Time Lord in his hand – quite literally.”

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