COVERT AFFAIRS 1.10: I Can’t Quit You Baby

The so-called two-hour finale of COVERT AFFAIRS was actually two separate, back-to-back episodes, so it’s only fair to address them individually. You can read my impressions of the actual final hour here. But in the opening hour, Annie was sent to London in order to become a “mark” and get recruited into a smuggling operation.

But before that, Annie (Piper Perabo) agreed to a much more dangerous mission: conducting a field trip for her niece Chloe and 30 other third-graders at the Smithsonian, where Annie supposedly works. After spending much of the episode trying to convince Annie to bail on the outing, and how much he dislikes children, Auggie (Chris Gorham) predictably ended up stepping in and guiding/playing with the kids when Annie was stuck in London. Wow, irony sure is a cruel mistress, eh, Auggie?
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