COVERT AFFAIRS 1.7: Communication Breakdown

Auggie took the spotlight this week, as COVERT AFFAIRS viewers got a long look at him on a mission as a field agent. The problem with the episode was, while Auggie is a unique character, the plot they gave him was strikingly rote: Bring in a former flame. Oh, gee, where do Auggie’s loyalties lie?

There was a cyber criminal on the loose, one who demonstrated her power by bringing down the electrical grid in Washington, D.C. The No. 1 suspect was Auggie’s (Chris Gorham) former girlfriend, Natasha Petrovna (Liane Balaban). He was assigned to revive his old cover and visit DataTech, a sort of Comic-Con for true nerds. Annie (Piper Perabo) was assigned to go along as Auggie’s “eyes.” But first, Auggie had to get out of bed with his current flame: TV reporter Liza Hearn (Emmanuelle Vaugier). As they bantered, he fretted about being put on trial for espionage. She hinted that Auggie is not the only person at CIA she is sleeping with.
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RESCUE ME 6.9: Good-bye

RESCUE ME engaged in a classic piece of misdirection: with the audience distracted by Lou’s failing health, the-powers-that-be sucker-punched Damian – and viewers. This episode is called “Good-bye” for a reason!

The action picked up moments after last week’s cliff-hanger, with Mickey (Robert John Burke) having dinner with Tommy (Denis Leary) and family. Mickey made small talk about Sheila (Callie Thorne) moving into a new place, and pointedly asking Tommy whether he’d ever been there. Tommy pretended to be eating his spaghetti, and finally faked a huge choking fit to avoid answering. As Mickey tried a particularly hostile Heimlich, Sheila arrived, misinterpreted and panicked, shouting, “We didn’t do anything!” Finally, Mickey said he caught Tommy and Sheila on top of each other, with her dress off. Tommy couldn’t explain, so Sheila jumped in and described how Tommy grabbed her from behind and kissed her and ripped her dress off! Well, he admitted he kissed her. But he blamed her “vixeny” look. They were angry and swept up in the moment and kissed, but realized it was stupid, and tried to stop, but fell. Tommy claimed he “cared deeply” for Sheila, but only really loves Janet. Sheila of course claimed he loved her for five years, and Sheila broke off the relationship because she’s in love with Mickey.
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There’s no better way to describe this week’s MAKE IT OR BREAK IT than to call it a tear-jerker – because there was a lot of crying going on.

The storyline I am most invested in is the Payson (Ayla Kell)/Sasha (Neil Jackson) relationship, and last week ended with her impulsively kissing him and running off in shame. He’s 35 years old and she is 16, so naturally things were awkward between them. She couldn’t help noticing how he was hesitant to even touch her during practice. “I’ve ruined everything,” she growled in frustration. Sasha finally decided to confront the elephant in the room by talking about the normally complex relationship between coach and athlete. He explained that his father was actually disappointed that Sasha won the gold because he was competing for England, not Romania. So he split with his father – who was also his coach: the legendary Boris Belov. But Sasha praised his replacement coach, because he “made me an Olympian.” (He even admitted that had his coach been female, he probably would have kissed her!) The most important aspects of the coach/athlete relationship are trust and communication. “I trust you,” she declared. “You didn’t ruin anything,” he smiled.
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