COVERT AFFAIRS 1.5: In the Light

I guess Annie impressed someone over the course of her last few missions, because this week’s assignment was much more complicated then the simple contacts and exchanges she has managed to bungle so far…

Annie (Piper Perabo) was asked to convince a former operative to return the fold and help bring in an arms dealer. Turned out the retired asset, one Christopher McAuley (Eriq La Salle), had a history with said baddie, Hassan Waleed. Only McAuley had no intention of capturing Hassan; he wanted to kill him.
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RESCUE ME 6.7: Forgiven

RESCUE ME began with the aftermath of Tommy’s desperate bid to save the life of one child, and ended with the long-delayed fallout of the loss of another child.

Tommy (Denis Leary) was in jail following his booze baptism of daughter Colleen (Natalie Distler) last week. While locked in stir, he apologized to the ghost of Connor, whom he had previously roughed up (alongside Jimmy’s shade). Janet (Andrea Roth) eventually sprung him and took him home. When Colleen suggested that her father’s extreme aversion therapy may have actually made her lose her taste for alcohol, Tommy insisted on testing it by forcing her to take a drink. She promptly puked. That wasn’t enough for him, so he made her down another shot; she got sick again. Hammering home the point, Col wanted to try a swig of wine, but just looking at the bottle in the fridge made her toss her cookies. Janet realized his homemade “tough love” may have saved Colleen, and Janet agreed to go to dinner with him.
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