BURN NOTICE 4.9: Center of the Storm

BURN NOTICE just sort of simmered this week, with Michael agreeing to help recurring feds Lane and Harris while marking time until he could set up a meeting with his incarcerated opposite number, Simon.

Before getting tangled up in the case of the week, Michael (Jeffrey Donovan) summoned Vaughn (Robert Wisdom) to Miami — during a hurricane, no less – confront him about Simon. Well, it was less of a confrontation and more of Michael screaming in the face of his recalcitrant “trusted teammate” before literally and figuratively booting him out into the storm. I loved it when Sam (Bruce Campbell) referred to the Simon connection as “a disturbance in the Force.”

It was disturbing to see Vaughn visit Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar) and demand that she go behind Michael’s back and give up the coded Bible. As incentive, Vaughn offered to reinstate Jesse – an increasingly important concern to Fi lately. While I never for a second doubted Fiona’s devotion to Michael, dangling the prospect of helping Jesse – after the show has spent weeks reminding us how guilt-ravaged Fi is over that – must have given newer viewers a few restless moments. Of course she did the right thing – and even told Michael about Vaughn’s offer. I was happy to hear Fi say out loud that she still believes in Michael. And he still believes that seeing the investigation through to the end will get might get Jesse reinstated.

Lane and Harris (Brandon Morris and Marc MacAulay) managed to lose a witness, and they needed Michael to track him down off the books and protect him from the latest hit squad to hit South Beach. (Seriously, does anybody visit Miami Beach without Mossbergs and contracts?) Michael found Cole, the hitter, in no time, and since he was played by Jon Seda, Cole had a backstory of grief and thwarted nobility, and really just wanted to earn enough money to float away on a boat. Of course Michael had no problem turning him; surviving the competing hit squad, however was a bit a bit of a problem. But nothing a refrigerator and turning an air-conditioner into a firebomb via the helpful application of household chemicals couldn’t cure. So now the feds owe Michael. And since a whole episode was devoted to this, how much do you want to bet that Michael is going to need a giant favor from the FBI in the not-too-distant future?

Speaking of the not-too-distant future, next week, Garrett Dillahunt returns as Simon, and Michael gets to test Vaughn’s warning: “You can’t dig around inside Simon’s head without letting him into yours.”

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2 thoughts on “BURN NOTICE 4.9: Center of the Storm

  1. Hey, I really like your blog. I changed my blog theme…didn’t realize someone with a similar blog topic was using it.

    I tried looking for your email address on the blog…maybe I overlooked it? Anyway, I just recently started my blog. I probably won’t have an opportunity to review as many shows as you do, due to time. I’m actually a systems engineer for a large financial firm. But my dream job is to do TV reviews and recaps, but figured in absence of a real career doing it, I’d just start my own blog for fun. 🙂 I’m new to blogging, so it’s taking some time to get used to.


    • Hey, thanks for stopping by. And don’t sweat using the same theme; they are available to everyone. With so many folks blogging, it is inevitable that you will run across similar templates.

      Best of luck with your dream of blogging. Doing it for fun and because it is something you love are the best reasons!


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