MAKE IT OR BREAK IT 2.6: Party Gone Out of Bounds

Way back in 1973, the theme from The Poseidon Adventure, “The Morning After,” won an Oscar as best original song, and the latest episode of MAKE IT OR BREAK IT should probably have used that tune for its closing theme, since much of the key action took place around dawn.

The episode began with Lauren (Cassie Scerbo) catching Chloe (Susan Ward) sneaking out of the house “like a common slut” after spending the night with Steve (Anthony Starke). Lauren then promptly lied to her father about being a virgin herself. When Chloe got home, she attempted to convince her kids, Emily (Chelsea Hobbs) and her brother Brian, that she actually came home last night, but the kids knew better; they gave mom “the talk” about using protection, much to her humiliation.

Lauren later appealed to Summer (Candace Cameron Bure) to try to break up her father and Chloe, by cleverly citing the fact that the couple are having premarital sex and claiming that should give her license to sleep with her own boyfriend. Summer disapproved of Chloe spending the night, but perhaps she should take a deep breath and recall that her Bible cautions, “Judge not, lest ye be judged” (Matthew 7:1).

Kaylie (Josie Loren) began the morning as usual by working out like a demon. How can no one notice that her concern for her weight has festered into a full-blown eating disorder? Isn’t this exactly the sort of thing that Coach Sasha (Neil Jackson) should be on the lookout for? (That is, when he isn’t taking Payson to the ballet, of course.) But Sasha was probably more distracted by awkwardly asking Summer to dinner. I can understand Summer acting like a middle-schooler, since she is not far removed from high school herself, but what is Sasha’s excuse for acting like a member of the nerd herd asking a cheerleader to the dance? I suppose his reticence is supposed to hint that he doesn’t date much (presumably because he is so dedicated to gymnastics) and his lack of experience makes him act like an eighth-grader. And maybe it appears to put him on a more even field with the much longer Summer. Both he and Summer confided in Kim (Peri Gilpin) like she was a bestie in the lunch room. Sasha figured he could impress Summer by taking her to the fanciest restaurant in town, La Privilege. As luck would have it, Steve also resolved to take Chloe to the same joint to celebrate their three-month anniversary. Of course the couples had to run into each other. Lauren’s words were still burning in Summer’s ears, and her focus on Steve made Sasha uncomfortable. He sent a bottle of champagne to the anniversary couple, and that caused a rift, with Steve defending Summer to Chloe, and Chloe lamenting that Sasha passed on dating her.

Cocky Austin (Zane Holtz) invited the girls to a party at his lake house (hoping that Emily, in particular, would attend). Emily and Payson (Ayla Kell) were tempted by the guest list that included Olympians, and Lauren was definitely going because, well, she’s the bad girl. This prompted team captain Kaylie put her foot down and forbid her teammates from attending. However, Kaylie could not shake the feeling that Emily would go to the party – but was she more worried about Em breaking training, or making a play for Austin? Kaylie couldn’t let it go, so her mania drove her to try to sneak into the party. Which led to the most ludicrous scene of the season so far: Somehow, the national champion gymnast managed to tumble off a wall and land in a pile of garbage. Maybe she doesn’t deserve to be the national champion after all, eh? Even with pepperoni in her hair, Kaylie tried to convince Austin that she was the “old, fun Kaylie” who was there just to have a good time, not spy on her charges. But she did get into a discussion with Austin that revealed why she was so gung-ho about being the boss. “It’s my job to keep everyone in line,” she moaned. Former captain Payson pointed out that a team captain can lead best by example. “I really want to inspire them,” she sobbed to Austin. He encouraged her to lighten up – and amplified his case by kissing her. She walked away smiling. Ever the opportunist, Lauren snapped a picture of Kaylie with Austin, and e-mailed it to Emily. Kaylie’s apparent double-standard bring Emily running, and led to conflict among the teammates. Lauren and Kaylie faced off in “girl-on-girl Gumby action” – otherwise known as a Twister contest. Lauren won, but as her prize, demanded that Kaylie accept her apology for being so bitchy about Carter and Emily and…well, things in general.

As always happens with teen parties on TV, the police showed up, and the kids had to scatter. In this case, the girls had to swim for it. By the time they reached the opposite shore, they had realized that they are not “normal girls,” and their relationships are complicated: They’re not friends; they just have common interests and mutual goals. In fact, the national team is like a military unit: They’re all on the same mission, and only one of them is coming back. Kaylie admitted she didn’t know how to be the kind of inspirational leader Payson was. They all agreed to toss the promise rings, and Kaylie vowed to do her best to lead by example, not fiat.

Since it was daylight before, during and after the Sasha/Summer/Steve/Chloe date (and the lake party appeared to be taking place concurrently), it was difficult to gauge exactly when this all happened, but at some later point, Chloe ventured into the storeroom over the garage and walked in on Lauren and Carter in bed! Shocker! What will Chloe do with this information?

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2 thoughts on “MAKE IT OR BREAK IT 2.6: Party Gone Out of Bounds

  1. I don’t think Sasha is a villian for wanting to have a life (date Summer). If we could get a little more back story on him we might find out why he has allowed Kaylie to push herself so hard. In fact he has said comments that could seem encouraging to a teen girl. I can’t wait to see what happens next week.


    • Oh, I’m not suggesting Sasha is a villain for wanting a life; far from it. I’m just wondering what he sees in Summer in particular. And you are correct, he does encourage the girls. I’m just suggesting that maybe he should be more alert for the danger flags of an eating disorder. As a veteran coach, he must have seen it before. I look forward to MIOBI filling in Sasha’s backstory, as there is a lot of potential there.


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