COVERT AFFAIRS 1.4: No Quarter

I really get the feeling that COVERT AFFAIRS is rounding into shape as its characters come into sharper focus, but the storylines need some variety: Once again this week’s mission went down twisted, and Annie had to redeem herself (while staying alive).

Rookie CIA agent Annie (Piper Perabo) was assigned to swap briefcases with veteran Mossad agent Eyal (Oded Fehr) in Zurich, but there was a rogue agent on the scene who disrupted the exchange. Yes, that’s exactly the same plot that viewers saw in the pilot. If this series is really going to take off, it will have to get away from this plot and let Annie mature.
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RESCUE ME 6.6: Sanctuary

This week’s RESCUE ME offered three knock-down fights the likes of which you probably have never seen before: a drunken brawl at an AA meeting; two firemen tangling in an alley; and a father forcibly baptizing his daughter in the waters of their mutual addiction.

After the horrifying bender that very nearly resulted in his daughter’s death, and then seeing a reckless drunken woman kill her daughter in a car wreck and walk away, Tommy (Denis Leary) decided he needed take drastic action to get his daughter Colleen (Natalie Distler) off the sauce before he loses another child. The problem, however, as Janet (Andrea Roth) observed: “She’s young, dumb, and a Gavin.”
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