BURN NOTICE 4.8: Where There’s Smoke

There was a definite bondage thread running through this week’s episode of BURN NOTICE – but probably not the sort of bondage of which you’re thinking. It was also about key female characters who proved to be more capable, clever and resourceful than suspected.

It started with Maddie (Sharon Gless) getting pinched while helping Michael (Jeffrey Donovan) and Jesse (Colby Bell) assess the security at a bank. The boys sent her in to trigger the alarm so they could observe the response, but the guards turned out to be overzealous and talked about jail time for Michael’s mom. But quick-thinking Maddie played on the guards’ sympathies and managed to get herself sprung. Clearly, we know where Michael got his talent for prevarication and improvisation.

Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar) was also improvising when one of her clients got kidnapped; Fi arranged to be taken hostage alongside her to give the victim a fighting chance. The bad guys, a pair of brothers including Jacob (Yancy Arias), wanted $10 million each for their hostages. Fiona knew that since the kidnappers had allowed them to see their faces, the bad guys had no intention of letting them live, so she took action. “Sometimes you have to be your own white knight,” she declared to a skeptical Sarah (Laura Regan). And the way Fiona deals with an adversarial situation is to blow something up, so she immediately set about constructing a bomb out of found items. “I’m not your average trophy wife,” was something of an understatement, for sure. Maddie was furious at Michael for letting his girlfriend get snatched, but he didn’t need any additional incentive. Also, Jesse’s overly emotional response to Fiona’s kidnapping tipped off Maddie to what we viewers have already figured out: Jesse has fallen for Fi. Jesse was overcome with guilt for allowing Sarah’s husband (Steven Culp) to arrange to pay her ransom – a recipe for death. “You can beat yourself up about it later. I’ll help,” Michael snarked.

As Michael, Sam and Jesse worked to track down the missing women, Fiona used her wits, experience and her looks to charm Jacob. It was great to see Fi working on her own to save herself. She broke a chair to win her freedom and ended up dislocating a shoulder in the process. But petite Fi is so fierce that she instantly popped it back into place all by herself! Fi not only freed herself, she sent Michael and Sam smoke signals to tip them off to where she was being held. She also beat the snot out of several guards, making her a formidable threat. But my favorite part was when she filled the light bulb with flammable liquid and created a time-release bomb. Who figures out how to weaponize household items for this show?

When Fiona finally returned to Michael, he didn’t say a word; he simply swept her up and kissed her – deeply and romantically. Let’s hope that this experience finally wakes Michael up and he recognizes what a gem he has in Fiona Glenanne. She’s a bombshell in every sense of the word! If a spy like Michael cannot commit to a gal like Fiona, then he has some deep, deep commitment issues. It’s probably time to start delving into that tortured history if creator Matt Nix does not want Michael to come off as an unfeeling jerk.

Oh, what was in the safe-deposit box that was important enough to drag Maddie into the operation? A family bible modified into a book cypher that appeared to belong to Simon Escher! Sadly, Michael just could not resist lying to Jesse one more time when he claimed to have no idea who this “Simon” character might be. We know he might have been played by Garrett Dillahunt last season. (“Escher” is clearly a fake name used to disguise his true identity). Just wait until Fiona finds out about this.

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