DOCTOR WHO 5.13 (31.13): The Big Bang

In “The Big Bang,” Steven Moffat did his best to deliver the most bang for a DOCTOR WHO fan’s buck with a massive finale, and he mostly succeed by delivering an epic tale of love and loss and regeneration (but not Regeneration); a wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey tale of the Girl Who Didn’t Make Sense, and the Boy Who Waited.

Let’s face it, this was a pretty great story, but one marred by a key flaw. Moffat loves to manipulate the timestream in his stories, and usually he is very clever about it. (Or, in the case of the spoof “The Curse of the Fatal Death,” downright hilarious.) But this time he messed up. Oh, the story gets by in the heat of the moment because all the sound and running hither and yon masks the mistake; it almost works. Almost. Which is a shame, because “The Big Bang” is otherwise very entertaining, and rivals “Doomsday” as the best of the grand gesture season finales, but it falls short because the mistake kept nagging at me. And I’m not even talking about the Pandorica itself being used as the ultimate deus ex machina… or should that be machina ex machina?
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BURN NOTICE 4.7: Past & Future Tense

michael and paulThere can be no doubt that having Burt Reynolds (Smokey himself) on BURN NOTICE looked good on paper, and probably looked even better in previews. But in practice? Well, not so much…

This episode was one of those rare installments of BN that I really just didn’t care for. It’s not that the episode was bad, but rather it could have been so much more. I wanted to like it more than I did.
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