EUREKA 4.1: Founder’s Day

EUREKA, they’ve done it! The-powers-that-be have come up with a way to freshen SyFy’s flagship series: by going back to the future forward to the past.

I have sometimes been indifferent to EUREKA, the series about an isolated town populated by supergeniuses, because the stories seemed too repetitive to me. It seemed like every time I tuned in, the plot was about somebody’s fabulous invention malfunctioning and causing havoc. Not that there’s anything wrong with that per se, but what bothered me was Sheriff Jack Carter (Colin Ferguson) and others being stumped about what was happening. Week after week. If I lived in that and cows suddenly started appearing on town roofs every morning, I would say, “Hey! Somebody’s experiment is malfunctioning, and causing havoc in town!” Case closed. (Of course, not every episode was like that; but of the ones I saw suffered from plot holes.)
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