DOCTOR WHO 5.10 (31.10): Vincent and the Doctor

“Vincent and the Doctor” is, quite simply, a work of art that stands with the finest examples of DOCTOR WHO since the series returned in 2005.

Like “The Time of Angels,” this story begins with the Doctor (Matt Smith) in a museum – this one the Musee d’Orsay in Paris – enjoying an exhibit of the work of Vincent van Gogh, where the Doctor notices some “very not right” about one particular painting. Church at Auvers featured a sinister face in one of the paintings. “I know evil when I see it,” the Doctor declared. “And I see it in that window.” So he and Amy (Karen Gillan) set off for 1890 to find out what happened. There, they find the revered artist was not held in high regard by his contemporaries. “He’s drunk, he’s mad, and he never pays his bills,” remarked a waitress at the local cafe (as depicted in Cafe Terrance at Night). Amy, however, totally lit up and even did a little dance when she saw the great painter. But van Gogh is having problems of his own: He sees a monster that no one else can – not even the Doctor!
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