DOCTOR WHO 5.9 (31.9): Cold Blood

After last week’s somewhat less-than-thrilling part one ( “The Hungry Earth” felt underpopulated and underwritten), this week’s second part of the story, “Cold Blood,” delivered a cracking good DOCTOR WHO yarn, full of thrills, adventure, history, hopes dashed and (especially) heartbreak.

The story picked up with the Doctor (Matt Smith) and Nasreen (Meera Syal) entering the Silurian city to rescue the captive Amy (Karen Gillan), Mo and Elliot. But of course clever Amy was perfectly capable of rescuing herself, while the Doctor was perfectly capable of getting himself captured! In the science bay, the Doctor met the deceptively sympathetic Dr. Molokeh and the warlike Cmdr. Restac (since she was Alaya’s sister, actress Neve McIntosh essayed both roles). The military struggling with the science branch for control of the humans reminded me a lot of Planet of the Apes, with Dr. Zira pleading for Taylor’s life. Restac was just as blood-thirsty as any…er, “cold-blooded” human villain, and ordered the Doctor and the other “apes” executed. Luckily, Malokeh awoke Eldane, the leader of the Silurians, to intervene. He has a much more level head, and was willing to negotiate for shared control of the planet.
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