DOCTOR WHO 5.8 (31.8): The Hungry Earth

This week’s episode kicked off with a classic DOCTOR WHO set-up: Aiming for the beaches of Rio, the Doctor accidentally materialized in Wales 10 years in the future. Oops. Well, at least there was a big mining rig to investigate! What could possibly go wrong?

Plenty. The drill set a record by puncturing through the Earth over 21 kilometers down. Unfortunately, that was deep enough to bother the…downstairs neighbors (so to speak), who came up to have a word with the surface-dwellers. Those underground creatures were Silurians, old foes whom the Doctor called “the original owners” of the planet – and they want it back. The story of a deep-drilling project going horribly wrong has real-world resonance that the creators could not possibly have foreseen. Nobody could have predicted how horribly the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico would go. Then again, a giant drill in the lonely countryside should have instantly conjured memories of the Doctor’s third persona running into trouble with the Inferno project.
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