STARGATE UNIVERSE 1.19: Incursion Part 1

STARGATE UNIVERSE is wrapping its surprisingly strong first season with a two-part finale that pits the Destiny crew against the Lucian Alliance, the baddies responsible for the expedition being trapped on the Ancients starship to begin with.

The Lucian Alliance has never been one of my favorite foes from the Stargate mythos – I just can’t get excited about a conglomeration of interstellar thugs, smugglers and assorted criminals. (I do, however, find the Genii to be even more boring.) They seem somehow “beneath” our heroes in the Stargate program. It’s the same feeling I get whenever Superman would go up against bank robbers in the comics; this is supposed to be a threat?

Well, in my book, the Alliance has now graduated to the big leagues and become a legitimate threat. I still don’t like ‘em, but at least they are a real challenge. Led by Rhona Mitra’s Commander Kiva, the Alliance located another Icarus-class planet and set to work with stolen ninth-chevron tech fed them by the brainwashed Col. Telford (Lou Diamond Phillips). That’s showing some initiative, Kiva. With the help of Dr. Rush (Robert Carlyle), the Alliance dialed up Destiny and invaded. In a very real sense, the series has come full circle, with the return of the Alliance, and the destruction of another planet used to power a stargate. Only this time, the goodies were attacking the planet, trying to stop a mission to Destiny. It’s almost like the-powers-that-be planned it or something…

I have trouble believing that Col. Young (Louis Ferreira) hesitated to vent the gateroom just to save Rush’s life. They have never gotten along, and Young put the entire crew at risk to preserve the person he assumed was Rush. Maybe it had something to do with Young believing Rush was in Telford’s body at the time. Young had only just freed Telford of the Goa’uld brainwashing, and apparently Young didn’t want to blast him into space so soon. Seriously, as soon as Telford was resuscitated after Young had him suffocated to death; the two were like old pals. Young’s hesitation gave the Alliance time to use lock-picking devices to open the doors and fan out aboard Destiny. Young used the communication stones to report back to Gen. Jack O’Neill (Richard Dean Anderson), who ripped him a new one and wondered whether Young was up to the task of commanding Destiny. Young should have made the command decision to sacrifice one, okay, maybe two, men for the greater good. (Who was it who claimed the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few?) O’Neill pointed out that Col. Carter (Amanda Tapping) had just left two 302’s (with two-man crews) behind when the George Hammond had to flee the exploding Alliance planet. Young insisted he could resolve the situation.

Meanwhile, Destiny itself seemed to be taking a hand in resolving the situation, when that Alliance invader was melted by the strange beam of light at the door. It seems obvious to me that Franklin is still bonded with Destiny, and is gradually figuring out the intruder countermeasures. What else could explain the selective killing of the Lucian thug but not Telford?

The mystery for me was how there could be an operational elevator so near the command center when nobody knew where it went? From what Eli was saying, it was actually more like a Wonkavator, since it apparently carried him and Chloe sideways as well as up/down. Loved the way that Eli (David Blue) was literally carrying Chloe (Elyse Levesque) through the corridors. They have a sweet relationship; I hope it grows beyond his infatuation.

The cliff-hanger leading into part 2 of the season finale was fraught with tension: How will Young end the standoff and get his people back alive – especially T.J. (Alaina Huffman), the mother of his unborn child…

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