BURN NOTICE 4.1: When Michael met Vaughn…

The fourth-season premiere of BURN NOTICE picked up seconds after last spring’s cliff-hanger, with Michael seated in a mysterious, comfy drawing room. Turns out he was brought there to meet with a man called Vaughn, who claimed, “We burned you.” However, he praised Michael for rescuing Management last season, and recruited him to join him in busting a shadowy international organization blamed for lots of the nasty things happening around the globe. Michael doesn’t ask too many questions, and in short order, he finds himself racing through a jungle, trying to outrun a rocket attack on an arms dealer’s encampment.

That’s kind of how it is with BURN NOTICE: You just get just enough explanation to make the story seem plausible, and the rest of the time you spend watching stuff get blown up while Michael cruises around looking confident and cool.

We did get a nice dose of character development, as Michael (Jeffrey Donovan) reconnected with Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar) and Sam (Bruce Campbell), who quickly dragged him into the case of the week, declaring, and “This whole business needs a little Michael Weston.” Michael was a little bent out of shape that Fi and Sam carried on without him, but then again, he wasn’t about to explain where he’d been or what he is up to back in the States. Michael apologized to his mother (Sharon Gless), and later felt compelled to give her at least a bit of an explanation for what has been going on. He explained how Simon’s career of bad deeds was blamed on Michael as a pretext for burning him. Donovan get a chance to tear up as Michael confessed to his mother, “I broke the law. I worked with bad people. I did it because I had to.” At least he got a hug from his mommy.

I was a little surprised that the show hired character actor Michael Ironside for a tiny cameo as a weapons dealer. It makes me suspect he might show up again in flashbacks? Vaughn is played by Robert Wisdom, whom I last saw as Uriel, the avenging angel on SUPERNATURAL.

This season looks to be pretty interesting, as the premiere ended with the reveal that Michael had himself unwittingly burned an undercover agent. Talk about becoming what you despise!

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